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Life in analog

September 7, 2008

Most of our friends have flat-panel high-def sets, TiVo and are up-to-date on the latest and greatest HBO and Showtime hits; a handful are the no-TV types.  Meanwhile, our television is almost two feet deep, and I’m pretty sure we’re the only ones who interpret “rabbit ears” as something technological, let alone adjust them to get a clearer picture.

I think we might also be the only 20-somethings around who need the converter box that will enable us to continue watching television when analog signals cease and stations begin broadcasting only in digital next February. Our home sweet home is too rural for cable, and I keep up with Desperate Housewives, LOST and other network favorites on an old analog TV.

So we were along with my parents and lots of others not of our generation in signing up for the $40 coupon the government offered to offset the cost of a digital converter box that will help our TV go digital.

After a trip to Radio Shack and a few minutes of remote-programming, we’re in business in time for all that ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW (yes, that’s twice the channels we had before) have to offer this season. I’m also thanking my lucky stars for — go ahead, laugh if you must — PBS’ new DIY channel, Create. Sure, it has a few more crochet, oil painting and glass art tips than you’d catch on HGTV, but I’ll take it.

Eventually, after the renovation, we’ll move on to something that’s flatter, wider, and works without an antenna. In the meantime I’ll also be hoping for cable and high-speed Internet to reach us (right now it’s only a couple of miles down the road in either direction). For now I’d better just be glad to have a cell phone signal.

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