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Sweet tooth

October 14, 2008

One sweet little tooth, that is. Suddenly, this morning, Jack’s first pearly white is getting ready to report for duty. The three months of drooling, the two months of gnawing and biting, and the two weeks of fitful sleeping are finally coming to fruition. D’s already wondering what he’ll look like with a mouth full of teeth, but I can’t go there. (I have a hard time just putting him in shoes, or a collared shirt, or anything else I deem “too old” for him. For some reason these strike me as the baby boy equivalents to pierced ears.) Instead, I’m wondering what plans Jack has for these itty bitty teeth. And since his yams, applesauce and various other pureed entrees don’t really call for chewing, and he’s just getting good at putting his foot into his mouth (no, he isn’t taking after me in the loudmouth department; I mean he’s combining teething and dexterity), I can only assume that he intends to practice on me. Nevertheless, for now it’s the sweetest tooth I’ve ever (however vaguely) seen.

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  1. October 15, 2008 1:10 am

    A big day indeed for little Jack. He must be excited to do some damage on all things edible.

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