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Road trip!

November 3, 2008

After days of doing laundry, packing and being anxious about a 12-hour ride in the car with a 7-month-old, D, Jack and I made our first family trip to Chicago to see Ms. D & Co. (my BFF and her folks). All of my nervousness was for naught – evidently Jack was so excited about the visit that he spent most of his time in the car looking like this:


Perhaps he was just mimicking my excitement about the chance to spend four consecutive days with him (probably the longest stretch since my maternity leave), D and the BFF; maybe he foresaw being smiled at and sung to and played with nonstop for four days and leaving with some fabulous new toys. I’m not sure it was over the chance to see some of the city sights (honestly, and to our surprise, his reaction to The Bean fell somewhere between unimpressed and nonplussed).


But so far as a traveler with so much to catch up on in so little time, Jack takes after us –  he preferred relaxing over sightseeing.  That left us free to spend much of our time in Chi-town preserving the great traditions of our friendship: talking, drinking, eating, lounging and shopping (pretty much in that order).

It might not sound too exciting, but we’ll be visiting Chicago for the rest of our days, so I know that plenty of trips to the zoo, museums and other family-friendly sights-to-see are necessarily in our future.

For now, taking a break from work to reprise our grad school weekends is as good as it gets for me. Sitting around, chatting from coffee to cocktail hour, I get to pretend that not that much has changed – that we didn’t settle down 700 miles apart, that we see each other all the time. And really, it does feel as though apart from the frequency of our visits, not much has changed – only that I have a son, and she’s an auntie. I’d love it if we lived a little closer, but who can complain about having a reason to go to Chicago as often as possible? If only that meant monthly…

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