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Works-for-Me Wednesday: Top toys, unplugged

November 5, 2008

Today’s themed edition of Works-for-Me Wednesdays over at Rocks in My Dryer calls recommendations on children’s toys worth buying.  As I’m a new mom (seven months today, in fact), I’ll be calling on my experience as a kid, longtime big sister, veteran nanny and daughter of a true toy connoisseur to round out my list of toys worth buying — and keeping:

hanna-bear1– For baby: Hanna Andersson’s handknit soft friends. Jack’s is a blue mouse that he’s been gazing at, talking to, sleeping with and chewing on since birth (almost). Either he’s getting this bear for Christmas, or it’ll be put away for a future sibling — either way, I’m buying one.

– Ages 4 and up: All things Playmobil, whose playsets include not only farms, police and fire departments, enchanted castles and pirate ships but also encompass the Romans, medieval times, skate parks and the nativity. I love that their Web site has toys grouped by categories such as “Modern Living,” “Leisure” and “Bunnies.” I won’t lie: I played with my sisters’ Grande Mansion well past the age-appropriate years (as in, when I was considering an interior design major). We also had a pirate ship, a dentist’s office, a vegetable market, a filling station, and a frontier cabin, among others. Now the family’s collection of Playmobil people, plants, furniture, hats, musical instruments, dishes, etc., is crammed into boxes that when dumped onto the living room floor during the holidays can entertain children of most ages for several hours.


– Ages 3 and up: My love for little play people and scenes extends beyond Playmobil to Djeco, maker of many cute and colorful little figures.

They’re even more fun when playing in their whimsical playhouses (sorry, but they are), my favorite being the Zamiloo treehouse, which my mother fell in love with and purchased before I was pregnant.


Zolo makes these cool bright-colored wood connectable shapes designed for “playsculpture” (ages 7 and up), which means you won’t want to dismantle your kids’ creations.  Now they also have an inexpensive plastic set (5 and up), and Pre-Zolos for younger children (3 and up).


– Their baby toys, made by the geniuses at Kushies, are also winners.  I’m particularly fond of Boa and am coveting the Beanstax.

– Of course, BRIO wooden train sets will never go out of style.

And the really great thing about all of the above? No batteries.

(Now I’ll go home and see what blinking, singing, dancing toys will best entertain Jack tonight while I make dinner.)

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    November 6, 2008 2:29 pm

    G definitely needs one of those bears…I’ve only seen HA stores in big cities, so I guess the internet is my friend in ordering one. They look so safe and yet cuddly. Sold! 🙂

  2. Sister permalink
    August 17, 2009 6:33 pm

    I was trying to find these Hanna Andersson Handknit Soft Friends and they don’t seem to be for sale on the website, any ideas?

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