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Death of a chair

November 6, 2008

But birth of another baby product recommendation…

Sadly, after months of vigorous bouncing, the Oeuf baby lounger responsible for my sanity during much of Jack’s first six months is no longer with us.

(Okay, it’s still in the living room. But it’s as good as gone.)

When Jack was just days old, the bounce chair arrived in a giant box from my BFF’s mother, who’d found it at a baby resale shop in Chicago. When he was a month old, I kept the Oeuf bouncing with my foot while I cooked, cleaned, ate and did anything else that took both hands. At two and three months, he was gently bouncing himself to sleep. During months four and five, he’d put on a serious face and pump his arms to bounce ever higher, and at six months he was scooting the whole chair across our wood floors, and I was starting to fear that he’d launch himself right out of it.

Obviously it should have stopped there. But a month ago, he didn’t like sitting up, was too small for his high chair, and LOVED the bounce chair. And so it continued as my crutch.

Until a couple of weeks ago, right before our trip to Chicago. As usual, Jack was pumping those arms, very focused on his bouncing. Then, suddenly, the rhythmic, springy sound stopped. I turned to find Jack, looking baffled, strapped into a bounce chair with a broken leg, lookinglike it hadn’t had its V8 yet (early ’90s commercial reference, anyone?)

The cause appeared to be a stress fracture-turned break in the bend of its solid steel frame probably caused in part by D’s roughhousing (a few nights earlier, he pushed the chair to the floor to give Jack the EXTRA bounce he needed).

In any case, it was time for all of us to move on – Jack was approaching the bouncer’s weight limit, and he needed to spend his time more vertically anyway.  RIP, Ouef bouncer; we’ll miss you. And we’ll really miss the $98 I’ll readily shell out for your replacement, whenever the need arises.

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  1. Alleen permalink
    November 7, 2008 9:33 pm

    Jack is such a stud, tough enough to break things with a single bounce. A young Chuck Norris maybe. Don must be oh so proud.

    The NEXT Ouef he breaks, instead of looking baffled, he’ll be like, That’s right Mom, that’s right.

  2. Sister permalink
    August 17, 2009 6:25 pm

    I just happened upon a recall of these bounce chairs for frame failure — if yours was bought within the time period they’re recalling, you can get a fix kit or something:

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