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the Other milestones

November 13, 2008

Given that humans grow and learn most rapidly during infancy, it’s no surprise that Jack’s first seven months have been littered with gush-worthy landmark events. I’ve tried to record each thrilling development — He smiles! He reaches! He grasps! He babbles! He rolls! BOTH ways! He laughs! He sits! He eats with a spoon! — along the way. Inevitably but happily, I’ve failed, thanks to my lack of discipline and Jack’s perpetual metamorphosis; each latest thing begets another first. Life with an infant makes the world new every day.

So, I haven’t managed to keep a daily log of Jack’s new tricks. But The Baby Show is always on at our house, featuring your favorite developmental markers, along with plenty of other milestones that didn’t make the What to Expect cut.

Jack has been loving Cause, Effect, Repeat (Pull the string, turn on the light. Drop the spoon, and someone will pick it up.) And though it definitely isn’t cashed out, he’s now also thrilled to do things just for the heck of it. For instance, now he doesn’t just eat from a spoon; he also spits out anything he hasn’t tried before, just because it’s new, before reaching for more. He pulls my hair (and D’s. And my mom’s.). He’s been experimenting with screams, sometimes when he’s delighted and also occasionally when he isn’t (at all). He’s long had cries for hunger, fear, pain and general crankiness, and now he also has one reserved for when he is Royally Pissed. He cries when he’s left in a room by himself, even when he’s been playing happily on his own and can still see us. And he has a strong preference for what he can’t have (Adulthood? Already?).

Such achievements, I think, are among the less-heralded of baby milestones. But I’m charmed by them all.

We are a simple people.

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