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Weekend Warriors

November 21, 2008

[First off, let me confirm that the title above references our necessary habit of stuffing Saturdays and Sundays with DIY projects, not Ted Nugent’s album or any of the casual definitions the phrase has apparently accumulated (according to Wikipedia, these include recreational paintballers, people who go to the office Monday through Friday but take drugs on weekends, and teens that are busy with school or work on the weekdays but who dedicate the weekend to partying).]

We’ve always lived for weekends, and we’re especially glad for them now, given our go-to-work parenthood and separate (but equal!) commutes. But recently D’s job hasn’t lent itself to weekends at home. Our trip to Chicago last month was an island of family time amidst a long spell of working weekends; dinner tonight will commence our first weekend home together in six weeks.

That means two glorious days of winterizing, cutting firewood (D), gathering kindling (yours truly), and pacifying a teething infant!

It won’t be all work: We’ll likely also head “downtown” tomorrow morning for coffee at the Mercantile (In our little town, population 300-something, I can’t take myself seriously if I don’t write “downtown” that way), where everybody really does know your name, and Jack likes Jerry, the volunteer barista, and the passenger train.



And we have a local birthday party to attend on Saturday night, where I’m sure a banjo-pickin’ time will be had by all.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a nice couple of days lined up, too.

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  1. November 22, 2008 4:30 am

    It’s going to be a nice crisp weekend, that’s for sure. It’s already 29°F here. Instead of working outside, we’re going to take a day trip to LR, see a movie — “Quantum of Solace”, and perhaps do a little shopping. Then, perhaps, we’ll get some work done on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…, — or not.

    (We moved into this place in 1981 — and we’ve been changing it ever since.)

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