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yes, he can.

December 2, 2008

All of a sudden, as Jack approaches the 8-month mark, he has an independent streak. He’s sleeping (I KNOW!), scooting, reaching and drinking on his own, in some cases adamantly. Now he wants me to give him a water bottle (as in literally, give it to him) so that he can drink in peace, away from my lap and arms that often seem to be mere constraints.


Early this morning, while we were both sleepy and he was eating, I realized that he’s rarely content to be held quietly anymore, unless he’s sleepy or scared. He’d far rather stand up, or climb up – and off of – me and scoot away in search of something more interesting. Anything but sit still.

Even while he’s eating, which was once a sacred event not to be interrupted, Jack takes a break every couple of minutes to sit up, look around and confirm that he’s not missing anything.

It’s not that he doesn’t want my attention (he’s teething, so other than a table leg, hand or toy to gnaw on, that’s all he wants). He just doesn’t always want the cozy, cuddlesome attention he used to crave.

Again, I’m proud and excited by every new thing he does, but I have to squelch the little (okay, big) voice in my head that says BUT I’M NOT READY!

It doesn’t matter, because Jack definitely is. So I’ll try to adopt the perspective that I read about at Ittybits & Pieces (with thanks to Momology for helping me find it).

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  1. December 2, 2008 5:36 pm

    Jack is beautiful. And don’t worry, He’ll always be your baby. He’s always going to love and need his mama.

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