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Baby, it’s cold – inside.

December 23, 2008

Yesterday morning, just as we were headed out to take Jack next door to Big Mama’s and to get ourselves to town for a Day Out (for a day of Christmas shopping, also known as D’s date from hell), the heat stopped working. It had just made it out of a 5-degree night, and probably 12 consecutive hours of operation, when it threw the breaker and lost power. D climbed into the attic to investigate and eventually got it working again — until 1 a.m. today, when it stopped for good. I put Jack into the bed with us and slept the rest of the night, while the temperature in our room fell to 40 degrees. Thanks to the fireplace, the living room had warmed to a whopping 48 degrees by 8 a.m., when the repairman arrived to tell us to call an electrician. Now I’m with Jack at my mother’s and D has gone to town to buy a new breaker switch to install as soon as he gets back. We hope this will all result in a warmer night.

During our first Christmas after we bought this place (and were still in grad school, living in another state), when we didn’t yet have central heat, we put on stocking caps, donned multiple layers, piled on the sleeping bags and  slept on the floor in front of the fire, which D got up to tend to every two hours. Apparently it was worth it not to compete with my brother, three sisters, aunt and cousin for sleeping space at my mom’s house. It was like camping inside.

Newsflash: It is less fun with a baby.

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  1. December 24, 2008 3:42 am

    Oh my! That sounds awful!!!!


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