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Just the three of us

February 13, 2009

So I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, during which D and I are obliged to do something fun and be really nice to each other. I’m so glad that February 14 is set aside for this occasion. Without it, how on earth would we excuse the rest of the year?

In truth, I don’t take offense to Valentine’s Day, but we don’t take it very seriously, either. Though I recall a couple of Valentine’s celebrations and gifts, they haven’t been outwardly romantic (and therefore perfect, in my opinion. I think I recall a pint of salsa from my favorite Mexican restaurant one year, for example). And at least twice I’ve postponed our Vday dinners out in favor of a more benign day, when it wouldn’t “look” like a Valentine’s date, which for some reason I find a little embarrassing.

What has proved far more embarrassing over the years, though, is answering excited questions about Valentine’s plans, mostly from women I’ve known peripherally from work or school. The plain truth isn’t very interesting — I wouldn’t expect anyone to sigh or raise an eyebrow at such scintillating responses as “not much” or “salsa” — and the few jokes I’ve tried out about rolls in the hay, etc., haven’t gone over too well with that crowd, either. So in addition to feeling compelled to acknowledge our love without being maudlin, I’ve felt a social pressure to make Valentine’s Day plans romantic enough to brag about.

It’s not unlike the way I felt about fielding everyone’s favorite engagement question: “HOW DID HE PROPOSE?!?!” I tried, I really did. But the truth is, my husband proposed to me in the parking lot outside my townhouse, where we were both standing, tired and sweaty, after moving most of my belongings across town and up a crooked flight of stairs. I said yes, happily. Then we went to get BLTs. End of story.

Fortunately, it appears that after marriage and parenthood strike, one becomes exponentially less interesting in myriad ways that include Valentine’s Day queries. (Also at this point, one couldn’t care less. All’s well that ends well.)

This year,  D and I debated over whether to have a night out alone but finally decided against it. (In our defense, we did have a nice dinner last weekend with some good friends for our fifth night out post-baby, sans baby. I know, we are party animals.) Instead, we’ll spend this weekend together with Jack,whom I can’t imagine celebrating love without.


Happy Valentine’s Day, whatever your plans might – or might not – be!

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  1. February 13, 2009 10:59 pm

    Awesome family picture! I am so jealous!!! We still don’t have a cute family picture…

    And we had a fabulous dinner last weekend too!

    We are going to dinner tonight… I will be out of town tomorrow. I didn’t get Randy anything for Valentine’s day (although I will embarrassingly admit that at this very moment I am dressed in something somewhat sexy to surprise him when he gets home – that is probably WAY too much information, so I apologize if it was too inappropriate).

    Randy on the other hand got me flowers and two CDs… I hope this outfit I am wearing is enough to compensate for my lack of gift-giving…

    Talk with you later…

    – Melissa

  2. February 14, 2009 4:18 am

    What an adorable picture! I think yours sounds like a perfect plan. Better than ours which is to go to a kid’s birthday party (not OUR kid).

    Thanks for your comments today!

  3. February 15, 2009 9:50 pm

    John made the muffins and shared. We loved them. Can’t wait to make them myself. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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