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He’s playing with the big boys now

March 16, 2009

My oldest friend (as in longtime, not age-old) Amanda and I were born two days apart and grew up together. When we turned five, our parents threw us a double birthday party, and we shared at least the next 10. Time flies: Yesterday we celebrated her son Aidan’s third birthday.  And though there probably aren’t any co-birthday parties in their future (he and Jack are a little more than two years apart), I’m sure this was the beginning of a long tradition, too.

This wasn’t Jack’s first stab at birthday parties, but it was his first time to really play with other little kids  (we don’t really live in playgroup territory, and up to now, he’s mostly been a baby.) We most often make dates with the birdfeeder, lightswitches, some silicon cookware, his dad’s guitar or the kitchen cabinets. So were understandably thrilled and relieved to see that somewhere between those, his quality time with us and my mother, plenty of Saturday nights with Lawrence Welk, a bustling holiday season and the occasional trip to Target or dinner out, Jack has become a pretty sociable little guy.

Aidan and a 4-year-old partygoer approached Jack as soon as we got there with an obviously indigenous greeting (a curious poke to the nose and forehead), and they were off. He followed them around all afternoon to crawl where they ran, sit where they sat, pull up when they stood and lie down where they sprawled, belly-down, to play with Hot Wheels. While they played with Transformers, he chewed on them. And when Aidan wasn’t looking, Jack carefully inspected the opened presents to rehearse his own birthday performance next month.



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  1. March 18, 2009 1:20 am

    He is sooooo cute! Like you said our boys must be close because he is celebrating his 1 year next month. Nicolo does all the same stuff with his older brother. He like to sit with him on the play rug and make the cars go and make a Varoom sound with his mouth, all which he learned from Francesco.

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