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Water babies

April 8, 2009

Thanks to the Science Times, Tuesdays always bring my favorite edition of The New York Times.  Last night I was interested to learn, via yesterday’s Vital Signs column, that a new study shows that swimming lessons for tiny tots – from ages 1 to 4 – might raise safer swimmers (one counterargument being that it might instead over-familiarize little kids with water, making them too comfortable  – and therefore less careful – with it).

Save for spring and summer Frisbee, I’ve always been unatheletic – feeble, slow and physically unambitious – on land, but I love to swim. And based on my husband’s recollections of a scary childhood lake experience, I’d like to do what we can to help Jack grow up without a fear of the water, but with a safe appreciation for it. So while I don’t foresee putting him in swim lessons anytime real soon, I love that he’s crazy about his tub time and look forward to playing in the water this summer. Of course, I have to wonder what more swimming lessons for a one-year-old would offer, anyway. One of my sisters taught baby/toddler swim lessons when we were in college, and from what I remember, they mostly  sang, danced, counted and clapped in the pool. Either way, I found it encouraging to read that helping the kiddos have fun in the water could  help them become safer, more capable swimmers down the road.

In non-baby news, the Science Times also featured an article that could help you defend your pride and, for the ladies who don’t look forward to their annuals, a potentially “Whew!”-inducing development in medical testing.

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  1. April 8, 2009 8:15 pm

    I plan on Hayden and I taking a swimming class at Wilson Park pool this summer… it is for 8 evenings… it should be fun. I don’t expect him to learn any strokes or anything, but it should be enjoyable nevertheless.

    – Melissa

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