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Just another magic Monday

April 21, 2009

Long weekends work wonders in getting me through long Mondays, but so does my job, which often departs from the norm.

Lately it’s a real variety show, as we’re planning some not-your-ordinary electives for our students to take this summer. Yesterday we interviewed a magician, who taught us the french drop, a slight-of-hand maneuver used in coin tricks, among others. (I’d planned to ask him to start with a simple disappearing act, offering myself as a volunteer, or to offer one of my colleagues to be sliced into thirds, but I wasn’t sure he’d know I was joking, and we don’t expect him to give away trade secrets of that magnitude. )

Later this week we’ll be interviewing jugglers (yes, that recent post on the subject was more than metaphorical).

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  1. sister permalink
    April 22, 2009 11:23 am

    This post reminds me of an argument David and I had recently about that song, which I thought said “Magic,” whereas he heard “Tragic” — a Google search informed us that the real lyric is “Manic Monday”…

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