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putting down roots

April 24, 2009

In a matter of a week or so, we’ve moved from spring green to the beginnings of a summer jungle.  Buds were sprouting, and a few flowers bloomed, and suddenly now everywhere I look there are tufts of grass a foot high, inches-deep vinca, and poison ivy vines leafing out. We’ve officially lost control of the yard, as we do every year at this time.

Inside, the weeds I trimmed and brought in for decoration a few weeks ago have flourished in their mason jar.


Leaves have been unfolding from them for nearly a month now, and last week they started sprouting sturdy white roots. They’re infant hibiscus trees, which I intended to wipe out but have unwittingly nursed back to health. They’ll eventually produce tropical-looking flowers that draw hummingbirds, but the hibiscus in our yard are too shaded, so they stay vigorous but spindly, with few blossoms that drop tons of seeds — all of which, apparently, prove fruitful. The young plants make a nice vase filler, but next year I’ll have to forego their cutting in lieu of digging.

Local friends, if you have a sunny spot and a hankering for a bunch of little hibiscus trees, I’m the gal to see.

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  1. April 25, 2009 3:44 am

    Oh wow, how cool would it be to have hibiscus and hummingbirds in your yard!

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