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Floating toward summer

May 13, 2009

It’s raining and pouring, but at our house no one is snoring. I think D and I have both been lying awake at night, listening for drips and drops, and having recurring nightmares wherein our multipurpose room  stars as a boat, a bathtub, a stock pot (The latter probably makes its appearance because we’ve had to move it out of the kitchen to catch the rain that sneaks in.). Miraculously, our bed and Jack’s crib are still-dry islands on the spongy sea that our floor has become.  We’re running a borrowed dehumidifier nonstop to dry it out, but thanks to severe storms last night and more this evening, I’m afraid it might be futile. It feels like a losing battle until I remember that in a couple weeks we’ll be attacking that room with hammers and crowbars — in other words, victory. I’ll try to remember that for the rest of this Wednesday, while we’re hurdling these humps of weather and renovation.

Jack is finally getting a break from teething misery, having just pushed through three at once.  He seems proud of the sound they make when he bites, and a little envious of all the extra teeth we adults seem to have. If you’re a friend we’ll have the good fortune to see anytime soon, please also be warned that lately, he loves belly buttons.

And he knows where to find them.

I’m hoping to see the sun sometime today, before the storms start up again. It’s been making fleeting appearances – not enough for a full recharge, but enough for a glimpse:


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  1. May 13, 2009 7:58 pm

    Pretty picture!!! I am getting SO sick of the rain!

    – Melissa

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