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Kids, don’t try this at home.

May 20, 2009

If you’re wondering what high chair safety looks like, you’ve come to the wrong place.


I love our antique maple high chair, which has been around my family so long that I probably used to sit in it. It’s given me a new appreciation for the five-point harness; I can’t say the same for Jack, who prefers to live on the edge (of heirloom furniture).

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  1. May 22, 2009 1:19 pm

    Ah yes, those gorgeous old chairs are not so practical without the restraints, huh? But I love love that picture of Jack’s daring little feet!

  2. Sister permalink
    May 22, 2009 6:21 pm

    i keep thinking it’s a picture of him doing a handstand…

  3. Liz permalink
    May 28, 2009 1:28 pm

    I was thinking the same thing. 🙂

  4. June 1, 2009 12:38 am

    Just wait till he is a little bit older and he is literally climbing the walls. My oldest climbs on anything and the baby is taking notes.

  5. June 2, 2009 1:58 am

    That’s a gorgeous picture, even if it is a bit daredevil.

    My son loves to stand on the back of the couch and jump down onto the cushions. oy…

  6. February 11, 2010 6:32 pm

    aww how cute

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