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Time out

July 15, 2009

Time flies, and sometimes it’s a relief.

Case in point: our summers. For several years now, we’ve spent every June and July running academic summer programs for junior high and high school students. That spells seven-day work weeks, long hours, head-spinning energy and stress, exhaustion and exhilaration. We see it coming; we know what to expect.  The kids are eager and excited and funny, and I always breathe easier when the planning (read: three months of did I forget something?) is over and they’re actually here. Of course, I breathe easiest when they’ve all gone home, safe and sound with stories to tell.

This year, as you might have noticed, we decided to up the ante by throwing in a little home construction, destruction and reconstruction. After at least a year’s worth of friendly advice against becoming our own contractors, we did it anyway. After debating whether to move out of the construction zone altogether or into our living room, we opted to stay put. (After debating our sanity, most friends and colleagues have decided ours is missing.)

So far, so good. Of course there have been some crazy days and long nights. We’ve argued and puzzled and lost sleep over the plans, which are important.  I’m glad we’re too busy to focus on the limits of our living room camp site, or the fact that I shopped for leis at every dollar store in the tri-state area yesterday afternoon, or that D’s four-day Texas road trip with his students has already been held up by three bus tire blowouts. There’s just enough time to thank the lord that my mother lives next door and is willing to feed me when my husband is away and a trip to the grocery is a thing of the distant future, and that my boy finally likes to sleep. And there’s just enough time to find enough light — even if it’s battery-powered — to check out what’s new at the end of every day.

If we keep things moving fast enough, even the hardest parts still fly by in a blur. That way we can slow down for the good ones.


This week, they’re raising the roof.

(I am, too.)

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    July 18, 2009 10:55 pm

    Wow!! The roof already? You’ll have the new abode complete in no time! Can’t wait to see it.

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