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Must love dogs

July 28, 2009

Recently, during my commute, I found myself behind a Suburban with an insightful message:


Admittedly, I’m neither a bumper sticker nor a pet person, or at least not to this [dogs vs. humans] degree. When we’ve had cats and dogs, a turtle or horse, I’ve loved them. I’ve personified them, cried over them. But chances are – no offense – that I will not naturally have these same inclinations toward your pet. (This is especially likely if you regularly compare said pet, and the care and attention it requires, to my child and parenting, because they’re, like, almost the same.)

I’d love to have a family dog someday, when Jack and any future Jr.s are begging to play with and care for one. I expect it’ll be a delightful companion, a mess and a good teacher of responsibility.

If it’s smarter than your honors student, I’ll be really freaked out.


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