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September 24

September 24, 2009

Today is the day my sister Rachel was born, some years ago.

Often people have thought us twins. This is her birthday, not mine, but ours are close enough that I don’t remember life before her.
She’s the stuff of my earliest memories.

We grew up in the country, deep enough in the woods that there were no neighborhood kids. At the bus stop, on the walk home, after school and all summer, it was siblings.

When I was in first grade and she was in kindergarten, we were cast in a high school Christmas play as the mice, because we were the smallest people in our very small school.

By 9th grade we were often in the same classes, doing the same things, hanging out with the same people. Once in high school, on the day of a pep rally for basketball game at home, she couldn’t – or wouldn’t; I can’t remember the details  – cheer.  I put on her uniform and jumped around in her place, doing routines that must have been recycled from a year or two before, when I’d had my own pompoms. I’m not sure our classmates immediately noticed the switch.

For the past several years we’ve been in different countries, so the twin confusion has slowed.

But now she is continental and newly employed.

She is uncommonly smart, even if on her recent visit home she did slow the car as we approached a hitchhiker on the highway “because we might know him.” She’s more fashionable than me but asks for my opinions anyway, which is really very nice. Our arguments tend toward the inane, which seems to me much better than fundamental or otherwise great divides.  She loves Grape Nuts more than anyone I know. She’s a star at Frisbee, math, spelling, foreign languages and the recorder. I don’t share any of those talents, but on a recent long ride in the car with some of our favorite relatives, we proved that together we can drive our uncle Ken to madness just as deftly as we did when we were tweens.

For all this and more, today I’m thanking our parents, and September 24, and wishing my sister (the one on the right) a happy birthday.

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  1. September 25, 2009 1:32 am

    Isn’t having a sister awesome? My sister is 17 months younger. We fought on ocassion as kids but since adults we are the best friends. She is my source of mothering advice, since she had 3 before I had my fisrt.
    I love the shot of you two as toddlers, what are you guys covered in?

  2. September 25, 2009 11:50 am

    Such cute pictures!!! Y’all are both beautiful and from what I can tell very fashionable!!! Thanks for the post!

  3. milkandmusic permalink
    September 25, 2009 3:48 pm

    Another lovely post. Happy birthday, sister Rachel! (whom I don’t know 🙂


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