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The ghosts of Christmas just past

January 5, 2010

To sum up: We had a white Christmas, our first since the late 1980s. We ate, played, and otherwise conquered two stay-at-home weeks.

We listened to Christmas music – even Bob Dylan’s holiday album, which sounds exactly as you’re imagining.

When Jack saw his new Radio Flyer coupe next to the tree on Christmas morning, he said “Wowwww.” I considered that his gift to me.

Speaking of gifts: They were good. On my side of the family the presents were all cheap, used or handmade, and they thrilled and delighted.

It rarely rose above freezing, which kept the snow out and us in. We spent a lot of time looking out windows. The view is not one to complain about.

Sometimes the squirrels are something to complain about, but not when you’re stuck inside and they entertain your toddler.

(Have I ever mentioned that the squirrel was my high school mascot? It was. Nothing confuses and distracts opponents and their fans like a cheer chant with  “Q U” in it.)

On Sunday we took the tree down. I always think I’ll miss it until my reunion with the floorspace we can reclaim. And anyway, as long as we stick to tradition, the tree will sit out by the front porch until birds start nesting in it.

As usual, I’m ringing in the New Year a bit late. It’s  a wrap, but it’s also a dawning; I like that in a holiday.

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  1. January 6, 2010 1:21 pm

    Cute pictures! And the one of Jack in the Radio Flyer is priceless! I guess he liked it!!!

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