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Green light, revisited

April 22, 2010

So, having reviewed my Earth Day hopes and goals for last year, I’ve decided to extend the deadline through 2010. We’ve made progress: Our house is starting to show signs of home, in no small part thanks to things reclaimed and broken-in. But overall, today gives me a little deja vu, and in that spirit I’m reposting what I wrote last year on April 22nd.

Here’s to the many ways it’s easy being green[er], to the eco-chic trends that are making it cool, and to the three-Rs mantra (reduce, reuse, recycle) that breaks it down so well.

We do a little more all the time to live by it. Since this time last year, we’ve been using cloth diapers alongside bleach-free disposables. When it isn’t freezing, we take the wash out to the clothesline. We have a new compost bin that D built last month out of old wood and wire. We’re using egg cartons and plastic mixed greens packages to start seeds this spring. Jack sports used clothing (I’ve noticed that “gently worn” is the preferred term for it, the way “previously owned” is for vehicles). We shop flea markets, antique stores, Etsy and the classifieds.  Since our rural recycling service began accepting plastics no. 1 through 7, our monthly load of recyclables has eclipsed the garbage we put out each week.

Which all sounds great — but we can always do more (these are a good start) and waste less. I wish for lots of reasons that we could carpool to work together again rather than driving 35 miles each in opposite directions (some day). I look forward to finishing our new addition (hello, footprint) and setting up my sewing machine, so that I can repurpose used clothes of our own. This year I want to do more gardening, more canning. More staying instead of going. I hope I can sustain at least those goals.

Happy Earth Day.

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  1. April 23, 2010 10:03 pm

    What a great idea! To set some earth day goals, I love this idea and think it would be lovely to do with our children. Some of this we do, and some, sadly we’ve had less success with. I used cloth diapers with my first, but I capitulated to convenience with my second. However I am an AVID clothesline user, we recylce more than we throw away refuse, and we’re in the market for our very first composter. When we built our second house we tried wherever we could affoard to make environmentally friendly choices, a styrofoam, energy effcient foundation wall for example, all new energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs being among them.

    But I’d like to do more too, you’ve inspired me. Though I’ll confess, sewing won’t be among them. THAT I have never been able to do.

  2. April 25, 2010 5:40 am

    Here’s to going green every way you can! Happy (belated) Earth Day to you, too.

  3. May 5, 2010 2:12 pm

    great post! You should add it to my 40 Days of 40 Years of Earth Friendly Living MckLinky to win a huge pack of Elmer’s!

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