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Out visiting

May 26, 2010

Please find me at Motherese today, where Kristen’s timely, insightful writing and thought-provoking questions are like an open door with a welcome mat. In a post last week, Bruce of Privilege of Parenting described her as the gracious host of a virtual salon. That’s perfectly Kristen, who builds meaningful and compelling conversations and connections – and has a great guest list!

I’m writing over there today about some of the items on the “grownup list” I maintained as a child to chart my growth into adult territory – defined not by roles and responsibilities but by quirks and likes.  Last week I graduated to black coffee – the last thing on the list – which leaves me so grown up I’m off the chart. And just in time to enjoy a cup with Kristen, who wrote just yesterday about becoming a black coffee kind of girl.

Click over to read and look around! Relax. Stay awhile.

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  1. May 31, 2010 12:54 am

    There’s nothing like going out to visit where you are welcomed! Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. And good strong black coffee. (My fave. Didn’t know it meant I was a grown up. Must I be?)

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